How To Clear Six Figures A Year With A Simple 3-Minute Bridge Video With Michael Martin

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Have you been struggling to make your paid traffic efforts profitable? Fear not, Empower Network’s top paid-traffic producer, Michael Martin, is here to reveal the big secret that will revolutionize your solo ad game. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in!

Guest: Michael Martin is a seasoned expert in the world of marketing and video production, renowned for his innovative approach to creating impactful bridge videos. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he has established himself as a thought leader and trailblazer in leveraging short videos to generate substantial income.

[00:00] In this episode, Michael Martin takes us on a wild ride through his entrepreneurial journey that has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, filled with highs and lows that many can relate to.

[01:53] How Did Michael Get Into Network Marketing?

  • It has been quite a journey, starting back in 2006 when I transitioned from the insurance industry to take over a family-owned Mexican restaurant.
  • Initially, everything was going great, however, in 2008, the housing bubble burst, and the entire business landscape changed dramatically.
  • We faced significant losses, and the restaurant’s success took a hit due to people cutting back on eating out amidst rising gas prices. We tried to hold on for a year, but eventually, we had no choice but to sell the restaurant at a substantial loss.
  • In the midst of uncertainty, a friend, who also happened to be my wife’s boss at the bank, invited me to a meeting related to network marketing. Although I had reservations about network marketing, I went to the meeting because I needed to explore new avenues, given my current jobless situation.

[05:57] Re-shaping His Life Through Network Marketing:

  • Back in ’09, I found myself sitting amidst circles and sticks drawn on a board, representing the network marketing structure.
  • Despite experiencing only minor success, earning a few hundred bucks here and there and personally sponsoring five people throughout the year, I recognized the opportunity but wasn’t fully committed.
  • In those years, I struggled financially, working as a DJ and bartender just to stay afloat. Then, about three and a half years ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook post discussing building a business online while still enjoying a fulfilling life.
  • Given my challenging situation, having just filed for bankruptcy and facing the imminent loss of our home, I was determined to transform my life and find success.
  • My primary goal was to enhance my network marketing business by learning how to generate leads without approaching friends and family.
  • With no credit cards or significant resources, I sold items on Craigslist to get started. My spouse, unfortunately, wasn’t supportive and constantly questioned whether this endeavor would succeed, especially after my earlier promises about network marketing.

[08:04] Finding Success With Network Marketing:

  • Despite the weight of expectations, we persevered, and it took two years to break our first six-figure milestone online. But then, a tremendous shift occurred, and we achieved over $400,000 in revenue in just one year. It was a result of consistent effort and dedication, regardless of the market’s fluctuations.
  • Now, we have experienced tremendous success, sponsoring 27 people in a single day recently, a far cry from the five people we could manage in an entire year before.
  • Our journey from point A to point B has been a truly extraordinary blessing in our lives. This is where we stand today, grateful for the incredible journey we’ve been on.

[13:03] Making Bridge Videos:

  • Bridge videos are simple, and it’s essential to get comfortable with yourself. When starting, your message needs to be condensed.
  • Initially, your video might be around 12 minutes but aim to reduce it to eight minutes. Incorporate a bit of your story, but don’t make the video too long, as people tend to lose interest after two to three minutes unless you’re highly engaging.
  • In the beginning, warmly welcome your audience and identify the platform they’re on, such as Facebook or Twitter. This creates more engagement from the start. Set expectations for the video and let them know you’ll share a quick story about your journey and how the opportunity can benefit them.
  • Next, express your passion or share your story briefly, focusing on how it aligns with your mission to help others.
  • Afterward, ask your viewers about their passions since the opportunity can help them pursue what they love. It’s not just about money; building a business with like-minded individuals who share deeper motivations is crucial. Be specific about your passions rather than trying to appeal to everyone.
  • You don’t need a high number of sales to attract your ideal customers. Authenticity and the ability to relate with your target audience are key. While the sales video can discuss money, building trust and authenticity come first.
  • Many people disqualify themselves due to a lack of proof or track record, but it’s essential to build authenticity and self-confidence first.

[17:29] Accepting Success:

  • The truth is, every leader had to start somewhere and work their way up. The key is doing what most won’t do, like investing in personal development and becoming comfortable in their own skin. Listening to motivational audio can work wonders in building confidence and authenticity.
  • Zig Ziglar was unique among self-help gurus as he emphasized the nobility of sales and provided valuable insights on selling.
  • Success isn’t accidental; it requires determination and continuous improvement. Many successful individuals, including myself, went through personal struggles and worked on self-improvement to overcome obstacles.
  • It’s essential to recognize the impact we can have on others’ lives. When we choose not to pursue our goals or make excuses, we might be depriving others of the positive influence we could have on them. This realization weighs heavily on my heart and keeps me motivated to push forward.
  • On the other hand, you are driven by the fear of returning to a life of poverty, and that’s an equally valid and powerful motivation. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success. Finding what works for you and what resonates with your values and passions is the key.
  • Everyone has their unique motivations, whether it’s financial freedom, spending time with family, or supporting causes they care about. Embracing our individual motivations and working towards our goals is what makes the journey rewarding and impactful.

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