How To Clear Six Figures A Year With A Simple 3-Minute Bridge Video With Michael Martin

The big secret behind making your solo ad buys pay for themselves revealed by
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“The biggest, one of the worst biggest bull crap excuses that people feed

themselves is that I can’t be successful because I don’t have results. “

Igor: Welcome back to a list building lifestyle, this is your host Igor Kheifets and today my guest is one of the fastest growing teams in the whole Empower network at a huge company in case you haven’t heard and they’re leader, Michael Martin who has been taking the company by storm, sponsoring anywhere from 10-20 people per day. Mike’s story is just insane because he went from going through bankruptcy and foreclosure to making half a million dollars in just under three years with Empower network. So I decided it would be great to get Mike on the show and get him to share some of the secrets because he literally started out in the worst possible place, foreclosure and bankruptcy. And if he could do it then anyone can. So Mike, hope you’re doing great, it’s great to have you on the show.

Mike: It’s great to be here Igor, thanks for having me.

Igor: My pleasure man and just to get us off on the right foot why don’t you share your story and share with us how did you end up in Empower network while going through bankruptcy? We all know how hard it is sometimes to get people to put out fifty bucks, a hundred bucks on any business opportunity even when they’re not going through foreclosure.

Mike: It’s definitely been a wild ride man. We started out- we can backtrack a little bit to 2006. I had just come out of the insurance industry I was doing commercial insurance sales and came back in 2006 and took over a family business and that was a Mexican restaurant that’s here in Cartersville Georgia. That’s just a little bit north of Atlanta and I always say Atlanta because it just sounds better. People know where it’s at. We had that restaurant in 2006-2007 and we were doing really well. I had just gotten married prior to that, we had just bought the new house. Everything was just rocking and rolling. We were doing well and then 2008 hit and most of you know what happened in 2008, the housing bubble burst and we ended up losing the majority of our business because people weren’t going out to eat anymore. Gas prices were shooting up and it was just a tough place. Most people can relate to that. So we tried to hang on for like a year to the restaurant business and just couldn’t do it. [3:00] By the end of the year we had to sell it. I had actually sunk tons of personally guaranteed lines of credit into that restaurant to renovate it, to make it look nicer, not knowing what was going to happen in ‘08. We sold it for a major loss and I made the big mistake young and dumb with the personally guaranteed lines of credit so even selling that restaurant didn’t get me out of the hole that I was in. At the time it was a terrible job market, I had nowhere to go for work, the insurance industry couldn’t cater to me anymore because my old book of business and all the business they had was shutting down as well because I was doing commercial. So it was a tough spot. I didn’t really know where to go and I got a phone call from a friend and he said will you come to this meeting with me and I was like I knew what meeting it was, I knew it was network marketing and at that point I had no desire to do network marketing but this friend happened to be my wife’s boss at the bank so I had to go. It wasn’t an option. She said you need to go, you’re not working, you need to figure something out.

Igor: Talk about awkward.

Mike: Very awkward. So I went and I sat there and saw the circles and the sticks drawn three who get three who get three and in all honesty I got excited. I didn’t have anywhere else to go at that point. So I got in to network marketing back in ‘09 and had some very, very, very small success. I think my biggest month might’ve been a couple hundred bucks here and a couple hundred bucks there. I think I personally sponsored in that business maybe five people in that year. I knew the potential was there but not something I wanted to do. There were parts of it I didn’t really like. I didn’t like wearing suits and dressing up and being somebody that I wasn’t. I didn’t like calling friends and family so I went through a few years of that and at the same time we were struggling, I was DJing and bartending and doing different things just to keep us afloat. So I went online almost three and a half years ago and I found this Facebook post of this guy talking about building a business online. Building a business and having a life. I was like man my life sucks, we just had to file bankruptcy, we know we’re going to lose our home in a few months. So I need a life and I need a business. So I checked the link out and I primarily was looking for that to build my network marketing business. I wanted to learn how to generate leads and do it without having to call friends and family and all that fun stuff. So I got moving and I started diving into and the biggest thing with this company that I’m in now is personal development and I think we’re going to talk more about that in a minute and I had to dig myself out of that hole and I finally found an avenue to do it and it was just an amazing decision that I had to make and when I made that decision [6:00] we didn’t have credit cards, because we were filing bankruptcy. We didn’t have any resources other than the stuff around us. Just stuff, junk so I sold stuff, craigslist, did whatever it took. Had a spouse that was not supportive, she was on my back the whole time about is this going to work, is this going to be the one? I had already been making her all these promises about network marketing that this is it. We’re going to make it. When I came online I had a lot of stuff on my shoulders to make it work, we got busy it took us 2 years to break our first six figures online which was amazing but then what happened after that is we had a whole year where we did over 400,000 dollars so when we talk about making half a million dollars online or over half a million and it was really one of those things a compound type effect deal. We had to build momentum and stick with it through the thick and the thin when companies go dip and go up it doesn’t matter, we had to stay consistent in what we were doing. The payoff is just insane. To be able to sponsor five people in a year. Just a couple weeks ago we sponsored 27 people in one day. To be able to go from point A to point B has just been an amazing blessing in our lives. So that’s where we’re at today man.

Igor: That’s sick man. Even after I became successful online I still tap stories like this one for inspiration. It’s very easy to get caught up in the mindset of it doesn’t work, the market is saturated, you can’t get in, you can’t break through, I don’t have the skill, the experience, the proof, blah, blah, blah basically bullshit that we use as an excuse. So obviously anyone listening there’s only one question on their minds and it’s how do you sponsor 27 people in a single day? What do you do?

Mike: That’s a good question in the beginning I started with free strategies. I actually went to Twitter and just got something moving because I had to get some money in my pocket. At the end of the day list building and paid strategies is where it’s at. We’ve got to actually be able to drive numbers without having any emotional attachment to those numbers and engage them. The one thing I got really good at between both strategies was doing video. I’m not talking about videos that are pitchy or videos that are just there saying buy this, buy that. It was actually videos that engaged my audience and we became really good at being able to convert sales on the front end quickly by using simple bridge page videos [9:00] and things like that. If you don’t know what a bridge page is it’s a video that goes between your capture page and your sales video page and it bridges the person from you to the actual sales video. At the end of the day a lot of sales video most of them are the same thing, check out this offer, here’s some testimonials, here’s how it’s going to benefit you, now get started. What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to insert yourself in the equation but you got to do it the right way. What I did was getting clear on first number one who I am and what do I stand for and then once I got comfortable with that and doing videos a lot. I did videos just talking about things I was reading; things I was experiencing through personal development. I got very comfortable doing video and then I could instruct a bridge video and where I just shared what I was passionate about, told people how their passions were important too and gave them a call to action to go and watch that video and how that opportunity is going to help them about the passion that they’re looking for. It just became one of those things I got comfortable on video and it’s not an overnight thing. It’s not one of those things you can just flip a switch on and just turn and say I’m great at video. It’s one of those things where it’s a process, you have to practice and consistently daily do new videos it’s about pitching your opportunity, it’s about becoming comfortable in who you are in your own skin. That was one of the things that propelled us and I’ve used the same video for free marketing, paid marketing, for all over the place, and it builds that connection with people. That’s really one of the biggest secrets to our success.

Igor: Let me ask you a straightforward question. How much money have you made off a single video and how long did it run before you had to change it or shoot a new video?

Mike: That’s a great question. It’s funny, there have been times that I’ve had a video that will run, I have one now that has over a million views. I think it’s been running for almost a year now. I just tested a new one against it and finally one converting a little bit better. Prior to that I had one that ran for a year and a half or two years. One of the secrets to that is don’t talk about daytime, things like that in your video or it could become timestamped. Let it become one of those things where it’s an evergreen type deal so every time somebody sees it they don’t realize when it is. I’ve had videos that will just convert like crazy.

Igor: Don’t lose weight right? If they see you skinny or fat [12:00] and your skinny a year later and now I know, now I know the video has been shot when he was 19.

Mike: The hard part of me is the hair loss, in one of my videos I had a good bit more hair than I do now. So I’m sure people get a little bit thrown off by now but oh well.

Igor: With all the money your making you can get a hair transplant or something. I’m sure it can be fixed if you want. So you say one video is running for about a year until you finally were able to split test. It sounds like if you just get it right you can profit from a single video for a very long time.

Mike: Correct.

Igor: Alright Mike, now we’re wondering, we want to know the formula. I always love to get my guests to spill the beans on their formulas, their processes because this is where you really learn how to be successful in the long term. So if you don’t mind please share the formula you follow when you create those sexy high converting bridge page and bridge videos.

Mike: Bridge video is really simple you got to get comfortable with you. The big thing in the beginning is learning how to get your message condensed down because most of the time you’re going to do one and it’s going to be like 12 minutes long and you got to work on getting it down to eight minutes because You want to incorporate a little bit of your story but enough to where you have a long video because once you get past 2-3 minutes’ people turn off unless your just super engaging and in the beginning most of us aren’t. It takes some practice so in the beginning you want to have a great welcome. Identify what platform they’re on and identify that. Say thank you I know you found me here on Facebook. For some reason that creates a little more engagement right out the gate. Welcome then and five them an expectation. Just let them know I just want to share a little bit more really quickly about our story and how we got to where we’re at today and how this can help you. What I like to do is share a little bit about passion. Really quick my story we were bankrupt, foreclosed on and then I say we’re just super passionate about helping people. My wife and I have traveled all over the world, we’ve done global mission work and this is another way we can help people outside of just our opportunity. Next after I share a little bit about that passion and vision there then I just talk to them really quickly about what are you passionate about? You may not be passionate about the same things I am. It doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about but this opportunity is going to be able to drive you to be able to do more about that passion.

Igor: Can I be passionate about making money?

Mike: You can be [15:00] but people don’t want to hear about money all the time, you want to build a business with people who are like you. You don’t want to build a business for people who are just coming for the money because it’s got to be a little bit deeper than that. Why would you want to do something more than just the money? What does that money drive you to do? What is it fueling. I think the money is cool and when you have results for money down the road that cool to share too but in the beginning people just want to lock arms with people who are going somewhere and you’re going to attack the right people into your business. That’s why it’s also good to be pretty direct and pretty narrowed down on what you’re passionate about verses talking to the masses. I found that talking to the masses very broad about making money especially in a bridge video doesn’t create any convergent. It hardly creates any at all. If that’s the case, you just send them to the sale video because the sales video talks about money. That’s really been something we’ve gotten good at is just honing in.

Igor: You’re telling me I don’t need to be making lots of sales to be able to attract my ideal customers?

Mike: Not at all.

Igor: What!?

Mike: It comes down to a level of authenticity and being able to relate to your target audience. That’s it. Let the sales video talk about the money.

Igor: Sweet. I get way too many people approaching me and talking to me about wanting to build a big business, wanting to live life on their own terms, wanting to live the list building life style but at the same time disqualifying themselves because they don’t have proof, they don’t have a track record and it seems like they’re looking for that result to get the authenticity and the self-confidence but at the same time they can’t get those results without the authenticity and self confidence in the first place. So it’s a catch 22, how did you do it? How did you get the authenticity and the self-confidence to get within your own skin? How did you make yourself get on video and speak from the heart when you were sharing your message?

Mike: What’s funny is you mentioned that because that’s one of the wort biggest bull crap excuses people feed themselves is I can’t get successful because I don’t have results or look at those people they’re getting results because they’re leveraging their social group for results. Its bull. Here’s the thing., every leader was not a leader beforehand. We had to figure this thing out, it wasn’t like we came out of our mom’s womb [18:00] with these results. For me personally and I think it’s like this for most leaders. There’s a fine line of things most people won’t do and what that is they don’t want to work on themselves. They don’t want to dive into their personal development. They don’t want to get comfortable in their own skin. You only get comfortable in your own skin and create our own authenticity is to develop yourself. You got to plug in the audios. I remember when we were broke I went to the library and this is back when cars had cd players in them. I would just go and get Zig Ziegler, tony Robbins I would pick up these Cd’s and that’s all I would do is I’d be listening to those audios just feeding my mind with good stuff. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you take the time to do that.

Igor: I like zigs stuff and of course he’s no longer with us which is a true loss and a shame. Zig is one of the few self-help leaders who talked about sales. Who spoke about sales being a noble profession. Who released books and courses where he would sell you on selling. You can’t be a great salesman if you don’t have the confidence to do it. So I believe that your success is not an accident and if anyone still thinks that it is because you’re going to be climbing up and up then they’re fooling themselves. I too for one started out listening to Tony Robbins. I went through the personal power too. So it was a cassette. Someone taped it and turned it onto an mp3 site which I’m ashamed to admit but I got it off of a blackhead site I’m not even sure if they exist anymore. I went through that because I was overweight and I did not feel like a winner. I felt like I was life’s biggest loser. So I’m finding commonalities and again so many people disqualify themselves and it’s a shame. It’s a shame to see so much talent out there and it does nothing.

Mike: What pains me more than that and I really didn’t think about this way until we had some success so take this to heart. It’s not just the talent that’s lost but it’s the lives that could be impacted that you are cheating people out of when you don’t pursue things, when you don’t go after things that are put in front of you. We do mission work and we have a great team we’ve seen people break five figures a month. [21:00] Think about if we just gave up or if we made that excuse not to do something. We are impacting people we don’t even know yet. That for me is hard to swallow. Every time I think about quitting or making an excuse it sits on my heart. Who haven’t I met yet that I’m going to impact if I make the decision to quit. Make an excuse so it weighs on my heart heavy.

Igor: This is so different than how most people think. I personally got to admit I don’t think like that. I think about what my life will look like if I stop pushing forward. Usually that means basing myself into a horrible place of poverty, dissatisfaction with life, losing the success I build for myself and I know it’s superficial perhaps and I was never someone who was inspired by changing lives. I never had your drive and passion for changing lives. I never went to Africa for mission work I was always driven by not being fucking poor anymore. I grew up very poor. That is a passion of mine. The passion of not being poor and I think john puts it being divinely dissatisfied with your present situation. So, when I was poor that’s where I was and I was extremely passionate and still am about not getting back to that place. I can see how your philosophy and your approach also gets the job done and probably motivates people in a far superior way than the kind of thinking that I employ and it just goes to show you there is not one way to do it. There are things that work and where you feel comfortable.

Mike: That’s it and that’s one thing in the bridge video when I share my passions and video I actually go back and become relatable with the person watching it. Letting them know their passion doesn’t have to be the same as mine. It could be anything. Like you said you just don’t want to be poor. There’s other people who want to be with their kids. There’s other people who like dog rescue. Who knows but its crazy because you don’t get to impact those people or get to hear those stories if you quick or make and excuse not to do this so it’s great man.

Igor: Awesome well Mike first off Thank you so much for takin the time to do this. I know you live the list building life style and you have plenty of free time on your hands taking your family to Disneyland but I’m sure you have better things to do in the morning than to be sitting here recording this with me so I truly appreciate your time. How can we find out more about you and perhaps even join you in your business or get private coaching with you or just connect with you about further developing ourselves and getting results in our business?

Mike: Yeah Most definitely. [24:00] Check out my blog. and from there you’ll see Facebook links and everything else and you can just comment on a post and I’ll reach back out.

Igor: Awesome and I love your down to earth style. There’s so many people out there who pretend to be someone their not and they’re like oh talk to my assistant and I don’t talk to average people anymore you’ve got to go through the gatekeeper first. I really fucking hate that to be honest with you. At the end of the day whether your making five million dollars a month or five dollars a month you’re still a human being and I really appreciate that about you because I see this more a more every day where people try to pretend and put up this mask instead of just being authentic and honest being down to earth because at the end of the day we’re all brothers and sisters. There's no point of that showmanship. Anyway to find out about mike and how you can work for Mike visit and until next time keep on living.

Mike: Thank you for having me.

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